Price statistics for sale, house, 6 and more комнат в Bishkek


house, 6 and more комнат, г. Bishkek, Tash Rabat

$ 255 000
22 587 900 som
$ 895/м2
79 256 som/м2

Average price based on 5 ads:

$ 330 000 $ 950/m2 29 231 400 som 84 151 som/m2

This house is 22.73% cheaper than similar ads

The price per m2 of this house is 5.79% cheaper than similar ads

Historical price values ​​are used to build charts. The data is grouped by month. These prices may not coincide with the market price of the selected property, which is influenced by many factors. These are not the final selling prices, but the average prices of offers from 3 or more similar ads.