Check real estate before purchasing

We will request data from the State Register and prepare a report on the property and its owners, check whether there are encumbrances, liens, arrests, and supplement it with comments from lawyers.

  • Укажите адрес вашего недвижимого имущества или код ЕНИ и оплатите услугу при помощи вашего баланса
  • Мы запросим данные из Госрегистра и подготовим отчёт о недвижимости и её собственниках, проверим, есть ли залоги или аресты, дополним его аналитикой и комментариями юристов.
  • Мы подготовим отчет в течение 24 часов с момента оплаты и сообщим вам по СМС. Вы сможете ознакомиться с отчетом в Личном кабинете.

How will the report
help you when choosing and purchasing real estate?

Pledges and encumbrances

Some apartments or houses cannot be sold without the consent of the bank (when the property is collateral for a loan), or sometimes the property is under arrest due to court or other proceedings. In both cases, it is impossible to formalize the transaction legally. That’s why it’s so important to check whether there are any liens or encumbrances.

Ownership history

In the report you will see who owns the apartment or house now, who owned it before and how often the owners changed. In addition to information about the owners, you will find out on the basis of which documents the ownership right arose (sale and purchase agreement, gift agreement, court decision, etc.) and this information will help in cross-checking the words of the seller or realtor

Lawyer's comment

We will draw your attention to various nuances and tell you what to check in order to protect yourself as much as possible when purchasing real estate.


The report is data from the State Register about owners, pledges or arrests. In addition, the report will contain legal advice on how to protect your interests when buying a home.

Contents of the report:
  • About the current owners (including the exact date) and the documents on the basis of which ownership rights arose (purchase and sale agreement, gift agreement or court decision).
  • About the history of property rights. You will see who was the previous owner and on the basis of what documents, this information will allow you to understand how often the owners changed and ask clarifying questions to the seller.
  • About technical parameters. This information is useful for double-checking the living area and actual area according to documents, you will see what records are in the archive by year of construction, wall material, roof type and much more!

We request three documents from the State Register: an extract, a history of rights and technical parameters. These are three different documents. This information is only current at the time of request, so we advise you to order a report before purchasing, when you definitely intend to purchase a home.

Сведения и выводы указанные в этом отчете носят исключительно справочный характер и предназначены только для использования пользователем сайта в личных целях (покупка недвижимости).

The information presented in the report document is not an exhaustive description of the property and the associated legal risks for the user.

The information presented does not constitute a basis for entering into a purchase and sale agreement and should not be construed as an offer to enter into any agreement or a solicitation for the purchase or sale of real estate described in the report.

The site administration is not responsible for incorrect indication of the property address or identification code. Refunds of funds paid on this basis are not permitted.

No. Such guarantees are not given by lawyers, notaries, or realtors, because when buying an apartment there are hundreds of nuances and it is impossible to check everything 100%. We collect data from official sources and indicate what you should pay attention to.

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